Posted by: anthropologyinthewind | October 8, 2013

The Afterlife of Heritage

Despite my ‘blog silence’, these past few months have been busy. In particular, following participation in a series of ‘Afterlife of Heritage’ workshops at the beginning of the year which encouraged me to focus on the public impact of my PhD, I was lucky enough to win a small pot of funding that has allowed me to work collaboratively with Dunnet Forestry Trust to share some of the outcomes of my research with the local community.

Together, we chose to focus on circulating the stories of human life in the forest that have been told to me during the course of my research. If you were at this year’s Marymas Fair in Dunnet, or have visited the log cabin in the forest recently, you will have seen one of our ‘Hidden Forest’ pamphlets. Here’s a partial preview for those of you that have yet to get your hands on one:Hidden ForestOver the coming months, we hope that more people will come forward with their own ‘Dunnet Forest Story’ which can be added to the project blog, along with a more detailed social history of the forest.

The process of collaborative working has been a maze of pitfalls and triumphs and, along with other students across the UK, I have been blogging on the ‘Afterlife of Heritage’ website about my experiences. I have been invited back to Manchester at the end of October to present and discuss the various challenges and successes that taking part in the project has entailed.

Continuing with the theme of joint working, I’ve also been occupied developing and administering a forest user survey on behalf of Dunnet Forestry Trust. Questionnaires are available in Dunnet Forest’s visitor’s car park and the log cabin, or you can complete the questionnaire online. Get your responses in by 31st October 2013 so that they can be included in our analysis. We’ve had a great response so far – make sure you get your voice heard too!


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